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Thanks to its special fluidity and self-levelling properties, GLASS-TIX is suitable for laying thick transparent floors (up to 1-2 cm per layer) that are highly resistant and adherent to the surface. The high transparency, ease of release and very long curing time make GLASS-TIX ideal for encapsulating and joining inert materials of various kinds (wood, metal, cementitious material) in order to create a continuous surface or three-dimensional furnishing items using special moulds. Thanks to its extreme hardness, GLASS-TIX is suitable for the protection and vitrification of surfaces subjected to daily and occasional use such as wooden tables, worktops, furniture and surfaces destined for contact with water. GLASS-TIX can be used for the protection of horizontal decorations, but also vertical if applied with tools and adequate thickness.

Available formats: 750 ml* – 2500 ml* (* = component A + component B)